TGA Projects


Zvonar is a magical side-scroller adventure based on Slavic mythology and legend! All of the demons of the forest have fallen into a deep slumber, and it’s up to the little forest spirit to wake them up… with huge bells! But be careful, for there is a dragging, loathsome anger lurking about that just wants everyone to shut up and let it return to its slumber…

My Role - Creating the second and forth levels (prop placement, lighting, AI spawns, pick-ups, triggers) through iterations.
Scripting in-game events, such as a bridge repair animation when ringing a bell.
Working close with Prop Artists to deliver a magical, immersive and detailed world. Balancing of abilities, pick-ups and health.
Tool scripting to improve the workflow in the editor.


Development Time - 8 weeks.

Team - 2 level designers, 4 graphical artists and 4 programmers.

Genre - 2.5D Platform Action Adventure.

Gametime - approximately 30 minutes.

Applications used - Unity 3D as a level editor and XML exporter. Pixelbeast engine.


Special Features

Talent Tree - Featuring a total of 9 talents, including damage, range and multi-target.

Collectibles - Hidden throughout the game, used to unlock talents.

Scripted Events - Large events that change the landscape of the level.

Voice Acting - Voice acting by Olov Redmalm, Patrik Antonescu.

Gibs - On death characters turn into flowers that grow in vibrant colours.

Environment Physics - Foliage interact with the abilities and movement of the character. Even the projectiles can be deflected.

Atmospherical Effects - Godrays, Fireflies, dust motes and falling leaves.

Immersive Sound and Music - Custom sound effects and music by Simon Kölle. Reverb when entering indoor environments.