TGA Projects


Strigoi is a Hack 'n' Slash game inspired by Diablo 3 set in a universe where vampires control the world. The world itself is heavily inspired by the Victorian era.

My Role - cooperating with the team to create a captivating world with an interesting story.
Balancing of everything such as player speed, health and weapons to all the enemies and bosses.
Scripting a Tree Exporter tool which saved hours of work of otherwise manual placement of objects in a large quantity, like trees and shrubery, even rocks.
Playtesting and bug fixing.


Development Time - 10 weeks (half speed).

Team - 2 level designers, 4 graphical artists and 4 programmers.

Genre - Hack n' Slash.

Gametime - approximately 40 minutes.

Applications used - Unity 3D as a level editor and XML exporter. Notepad++ to edit bits of XML.


Special Features

Voice Acting - Voice acting for all characters by Olov Redmalm.

Atmospherical effects - Particle effects (fog, fireflies).

Gameplay mechanics - Health orbs, AOE dmg/heal and Sprint.