TGA Projects


Riskabelt is a Turn Based Strategy game, where you play as Skåne on a quest to conquer Sweden.

My Role - Creating a realistic hexagonal map of Sweden, with 23 of 25 provinces (not Gotland and Öland). Placing forests, cities and other objects.
Balancing the tile movement cost and city resources.
Playtesting and bug fixing.


Development Time - 8 weeks (half speed).

Team - 2 level designers, 3 graphical artists and 5 programmers.

Genre - Turn Based Strategy.

Gametime - approximately 30 minutes.

Applications used - Tiled Map Editor.
Custom tools for tile management.

Special Features

Realistic Map - A realistic map of Sweden with all of its provinces, minus Gotland and Öland.

Tile Variety - Each tile has its own movement cost. And each city has its own resources.