TGA Projects


Heist is a text adventure set in a world where corporations govern the everyday life. You play as a former employee at the Trident Corporation, who worked on a top secret project, without knowing its true purpose. You return to set things right.

My Role - Together with my LD partner I designed the top-down room layouts.
Making rough 3D base models for the Graphic Artists to detail and build upon.
Writing the story and room descriptions.


Development Time - 8 weeks (half speed).

Team - 2 level designers, 3 graphical artists and 5 programmers.

Genre - Text Adventure.

Gametime - approximately 20 minutes.

 Applications used - Notepad++ to write and edit room texts. Autodesk Maya to create a base of the layout for the Graphic Artists.

>Heist require Alan IF to play. You can download it here!