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Hateful Space

Hateful Space is a space shooter game that continue the adventures with characters from another TGA produced game, Hunk of Junk. You play as Captain, a bounty hunter chasing down the notorious Doctor Janus Jadar, through space controlled by the Hatefuls. The space shooter is the first true 3D game created at The Game Assembly.

My Role - Delivering the story via expansive space worlds built to capture the feeling of the Hateful's territory, a broken world with only the dormant remnants of the world before left.
Balancing of everything such as player speed, health and weapons to all the enemies and boss.
Playtesting, various bug fixing.


Development Time - 10 weeks (half speed).

Team - 2 level designers, 4 graphical artists and 4 programmers.

Genre - Space Shooter.

Gametime - approximately 40 minutes.

Applications used - Unity 3D as a level editor and XML exporter. Notepad++ to edit bits of XML.


Special Features

Voice Acting - Voice acting by Olov Redmalm and Patrik Antonescu.

Atmospherical effects - Lens flares, bloom, various particles and bullet trails.