Four Seasons

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Four Seasons

Four Seasons is a FPS game set in the dreamy mind of a musical genius, struggling with his inner demons. Blast your way through enemies using a violin assault rifle and a pipe instrument shotgun, all while listening to classical music.

My Role - Creating a standardized set of props with dimensions and proportions in mind, for easier communication between LD and Art.
Building the second and final level (prop placement, lighting, AI spawns, triggers) through iterations.
Working close with Prop Artists to deliver a dreamy and detailed world. Balancing of weapons and health.
Tool scripting to improve the workflow in the editor.


Development Time - 9 weeks (half speed).

Team - 2 level designers, 4 graphical artists and 4 programmers.

Genre - First Person Shooter.

Gametime - approximately 30 minutes.

Applications used - Unity 3D as a level editor and XML exporter. Notepad++ to edit bits of XML.


Special Features

Voice Acting - Voice acting by Olov Redmalm, Patrik Antonescu and Tindy Hellman.

Gibs - Characters get gibbed on death.

Multiplayer - Multiplayer co-op.

Classical Music - Real classical music by famous composers.