TGA Projects


A talking blade and his Wizard venture down an eerie dungeon, searching for the truth behind the Wizard's vision that led them both there.

Use your magic to mangle foes from a distance, satisfy your sentient blade's hunger with hoards of crunchy worms and shield yourself from the hideous clutches of an ancient evil known only as the Dweller.

My Role - Creating exciting and engaging levels for the player to roam through.
Collaboratively balancing upgrades throughout the game with my LD partner.
Playtesting and bug fixing.


Development Time - 8 weeks (half speed).

Team - 2 level designers, 4 graphical artists and 4 programmers.

Genre - Hack n' Slash.

Gametime - around 20 minutes.

Applications used - Tiled Map Editor, exporting maps to XML. Notepad++ for various XML editing.


Special Features

Voice Acting - Voice acting by Olov Redmalm and Patrik Antonescu.

Decals - Blood decals after fallen enemies.

Gameplay mechanics - Upgrades(Melee, Ranged and Health), doors and switches.