00:00Dynamic River Shader

I set out to create a dynamic real-time river shader. I'm using Unreal's Distance Fields to achieve the effect of water bending around intersecting landscape and objects. Read More

Skills: Unreal Engine 4

00:20Spite: Absolution

I was responsible for creating the VFX for one of our player abilities, enemy and boss attacks, as well as some environmental particle FX.

Skills: HLSL, Photoshop, Substance Designer, Unity

00:34Foliage Swapper

I wanted to create a cheap and flexible system to swap instanced static mesh foliage for more expensive actors. This way the cost for having foliage actors would be negligible. Read More

Skills: Unreal Engine 4

00:55Way of the Turtle

I worked for a short peroid at Illusion Labs, located in Malmö, Sweden. While there I worked on their Apple Arcade debute title Way of the Turtle. I was responsible for designing 5 levels spanning multiple themes, as well as some level dressing and various bug fixing. During early production I was also responsible for creating levels and documenting all enemies and mechanics in the game. Read More

Skills: In-house Engine and Editor


For our second game I was responsible for creating tools, increasing the efficiency of our fellow level designers and game artists. I also worked on several shaders like the prominent fungus blister shader, enemy color variation shader, weapon overheat shader, pickup highlight and many more. In addition I worked on multiple particle effect, like the foggy fungus spores and many of the particles for the players weapon.

Skills: HLSL, Photoshop, Substance Designer, UE4 & Unity for prototyping